Don't just plan your wedding. Plan your marriage.

Wedding = One Day

Marriage = A Lifetime

Plan Accordingly 

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What to Expect in This Course

Conversations on Important Topics About Marriage

Communication, conflict resolution, finances, sex, in-laws, oh my! These are just a few of the topics we cover in this course. 

Answers to your Marriage Questions

If you have questions about married life, you're not alone! This course will help answer lots of questions you may not even know you have! 

Practical Wisdom that will Impact your Future Marriage

If you grew up in a home without a healthy marriage modeled, you might be unsure of how to have one. This course will help you enter marriage feeling prepared. 

The vows you say on your

wedding day are meant to be lived out

every single day:

For Better or Worse,

For Richer or Poorer,

in Sickness and in Health,

'Til Death do us Part. 


This course sets you up for success on 

how to live out your vows daily

through teaching on important marriage topics. 

Why Enroll in This Course

To learn biblical truth on what marriage is and why it is important. 

To be challenged to face obstacles and trials head-on, together.

Because it is so easy to get wrapped up in wedding details, that you lose sight of the most important thing: your marriage. 

"I cannot recommend this course enough. We attended their live event 3 years ago that has the same content and our marriage is better now because of it."

Brooke & Matt Reames
Past Attendee

I want to plan a Marriage more beautiful than my Wedding!


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